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Anonymous is about the gentrification of Soho, told through the eyes of an aging Drag Queen (Enzo Cilenti) . 

Anonymous plays out in the construction site that is now Soho but the themes and topics are not location specific. This film is about change and how culture, creativity and individuality is lost in the city centres of the cities we all love, to create shopping centres and living space for the the ones who can afford it. 

Anonymous was finalist for best short film at London East End Film Festival and the Academy qualifying Austin Film Festival. It won best Male Lead at Cypress Film Festival and Frostbite Film Festival and won best Editing and best Cinematography at TMFF, amongst other international festivals.


Written and Produced by Mario Theodorou Directed by Markus Meedt Teaser Edit by Ruth Garner @Terranova UK

For more details please contact Markus on:


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