Markus Meedt Markus Meedt Commercial and Narrative Director

Aahh! Look at you, trying to sneak up on Markus by learning all his secrets and personal flaws. Well you have come to the right place! Because here, all is laid bare. 

You probably already noticed on this website, Markus is a commercial and narrative director, with a passion for blowing up our everyday mundanity into wild and whacky worlds where anything is possible, while normalizing the extraordinary. You might have also noticed that Markus likes to throw in a lot of technical trickery, allowing the visual language to add humor, paranoia and all out energy. He likes to subvert expectations, mixing genre tropes into new and surprising flavours. Give his stuff a watch, it might be an aquired taste at times, but we hope something tickles your entertainment taste buds. There is a lot of food commercials here as well, so maybe your actual taste buds get some stimulation too. 

But let us share some intel from the early days, when wee Markus was but a Lederhosen wearing lad, growing up in the German countryside, writing 4 page 'novels' to entertain his siblings, before moving to Australia as a teen where he got his first taste of Media Studies (not something you find in the valleys of Bavaria), just to be whisked to a new life in Sweden, where Markus started a Theatre group for immigrants, together with his older brother Thomas. Thomas went on to become a doctor. Markus instead packed a carry-on bag, flew to London and started his film career as a runner and assistant director, before going into production and editing and finally committing to full time directing, after landing an inhouse gig at a pretty cool agency. He has gone freelance in 2018, but it's still all pretty cool. 

Markus has directed commercials and content for Adidas, Tesco, Unilever, Lurpak, Ford and Netflix amongst others. He is part of BAFTA Connect and Directors UK. In 2022 he was part of the Directors UK Inspire initiative and got to shadow Jamie Stone on the BBC/Netflix series 10 Pound Poms. His shortfilms won awards at BAFTA-qualifying and Academy-qualifying festivals around the world and his spec screenplays were finalists at the Nicholl's Fellowship Awards, Scriptapalooza, Screencraft and the Final Draft Screenplay competition. In 2023 Markus directed the Indian/UK feature film "Ainaa" which is currently in post production. 

Markus' biggest flaw is that he can be quite shy. So if you want to send him into a frenzy, click one of the social buttons below and drop him a DM or Email or straight up call his Mobile!