Markus Meedt Markus Meedt Commercial and Narrative Director

The impact of commercial progress and gentrification in London is seen through the eyes of an ageing Drag Queen (Enzo Cilenti) who is failing to come to terms with the changing face of Soho.

The story centres on the themes of community, social homogenisation and identity.

Starring Enzo Cilenti as Mimi

Directed By: Markus Meedt
Written By: Mario Theodorou
Produced By: Jamie Harvey, Ben Edmunds, Mario Theodorou
Executive Producers: Philip Henson, Andrew Koutsou

Cinematography By: Tom Wade
Production Design By: Ruth Garner
Make Up By: Cristina Corazza
Costume Designer: Lori Wiechec
Assistant Director: Michael O'Kelly, Irene Marco

Edited By: Emanuele Giraldo
Music By: Stephanie Taylor
Sound Design by: Chad Ororo