Markus Meedt Markus Meedt Commercial and Narrative Director

Directed and Edited by Irene Marco & Markus Meedt aka I/M
Created, narrated and shot by people all over the world.
Sound design by Mike Chubb.

LOCKDOWN is a WIP documentary that chronicles the effect of isolation on people from all walks of life across the globe, from the first day of Lockdown till restrictions are eased. Like a time capsule the film will revisit the participants one year later. Have our lives changed? Or will Lockdown just be a footnote in our existence?

The film, to us, will give an insight, into how people from every walk of life deal with the pandemic. How humans find a way to come together. How even in isolation we support others in need and how that has been a huge positive influence to help us deal with this crisis. We know and understand this is a bad and serious situation, but we also acknowledge that despite it all there have been positive

We don’t know when or how this pandemic will end, but we feel it is important to lift the media curtain, and give an honest and diverse view on this journey, we all need to take together.